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Tips on Burning Blue Bird Candles

They are all ready to light the first time. To light, hold candle sideways with the wick in a vertical position. After lit, continue to hold candle sideways for a few seconds until flame encompasses the width of the wick. Candles should be burnt at least 1.5- 4 hours each time to avoid tunneling. Failure to do so may eventually result in drowning of the wick. Typically, wicks may require trimming after 4 hours of burning. The flame may be too high, a personal choice. Blow out the candle and let wax solidify before trimming. To trim our wood wicks, simply break off burnt ash with your fingers or a paper towel. We prefer to do this with the candle upside down to prevent the ash from falling onto the white wax. ALWAYS trim the wick before relighting your candle. It keeps the flame under control for a cleaner burn. It also lights easier. You cannot relight burnt ash. Hold them sideways to light. If you find the flame too high after doing this, you may need to trim the wick further with nippers or a nail clipper.

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