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Bluebird Candle Co. was founded on the basis of producing fragrant, tangible products of the highest quality to be enjoyed in your home.

It all started on our farm back in the mid 90's. Norm, my husband, and I had been dairy farming for about 15 years when I began to really think about what I was eventually going to do down the road when we would sell, though it would be years away. I had a relentless desire to start a business from scratch, something fragrant. Even so, we still remained focused and determined to succeed on the farm. So with neighboring farmland for sale, we purchased and doubled our size. Although farming had always been good to us, the relentless desire still remained with me. In 2001, I slowly ventured out over the next few years to fulfill my quest. On the neighboring farmland we purchased in 1998 now sets the Bluebird Candle Co. overlooking the picturesque Black River Valley.

In the summer of 2011 and after 30 years of dairy farming, Norm sold his herd of cows. He has joined me at The Blue Bird and is now the chandler, helps with soap production and cutting, packaging, labeling, shipping, and maintenance at the shop. His keen sense in business and his support over the years has been a valuable asset.

From humble beginnings in our farmhouse kitchen in 2001, the move into our new facility adjacent to our dairy farm in 2007, the Bluebird Candle Co. still today, remains focused on exceptional product quality.

Colleen Farney, Founder

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